Friday, October 5, 2012


Prof. Dato’ Dr Mafauzy cuts the ribbon to officially open the
Breast Cancer Resource Centre at USM Hospital (HUSM),
Health Campus, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

Kubang Kerian, 11 February – According to the National Cancer Register Report, in 2006 alone, more than 26 000 new cancer cases were detected in Peninsular Malaysia. This means 1 in every 5.5 Malaysians is expected to contract the disease.

As such, efforts have to be intensified to tackle the problem. Among the efforts taken by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is the setting up of a Breast Cancer Resource Centre at USM Hospital (HUSM), Health Campus. The resource centre is to help the public by providing them with the necessary information.

According to Dato’ Dr. Mafauzy Mohamed, the Director of the Health Campus, the setting up of this centre is very timely as it is the first centre of its kind in the East coast.

“It is hoped that the activities carried out at the centre such as promoting awareness as well as early detection of the symptoms of breast cancer will benefit the public. With activities such as these, follow-up action can be taken before it is too late, said Dato’ Dr. Mafauzy who was representing the Vice-Chancellor at the launching of the Centre.

The HUSM Breast Cancer Resource Centre in the East coast of Malaysia was set up with the collaboration of well-known cosmetic company, AVON. AVON provided funds worth USD100 000 to HUSM in the year 2000 for the setting up of this centre with is equipped with a Mammography machine, Biopsy Testing Systems and others.

HUSM was selected to set up the nation’s first Breast Cancer Resource Centre in the East coast based on its ability, the potential of its mammography services as well as its function as a teaching hospital. The HUSM Radiology Department has the expertise to carry out digital mammography.

“It is hoped the collaboration with AVON through the concept of ‘caring for bottom billion’ will raise awareness of breast cancer among women,” Dato’ Dr. Mafauzy added.

Meanwhile, the Director of HUSM, Dr. Zaidun Kamari, said that the HUSM Mammography Services which was set up in 2001 has shown that the number of patients has increased from 141 to 481 in 2008.

Also present at the launching of the Centre was Hj. Mansoor Wan Abdullah, President of AVON Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

At the function he presented an additional contribution of RM 10 000 to HUSM so that the Breast Cancer Resource Centre could be further equipped with reading materials and others.

The VIPs and guests were given information about breast cancer by
Dr Nik Munirah (HUSM Breast Cancer Resource Centre coordinator )


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