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Memorable Photographs From The 1980s - At Radiology Department, HUSM

Hospital Kubang Kerian - The final stages of completion before  
handing over to the USM Health Campus on June 1983. Then it 
was renamed to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM)

SOMETIMES you will never know the true value of a MOMENT until it's become a MEMORY.
The photos below remind us of the people who had been with us on that day.......almost 30 years ago.
They also have their own memories. We'll be friends for life, sharing our dreams together. Although we're off to different places.....and we're far apart, our memories are deep within our hearts. These are the times to remember....
~our memories will last forever~

HUSM was painted light green in 1983

Tuan Hj Othman (Chief Radiographer) 
was seated in the middle

Registration counter

 Mohd Yusoff Mansor - Radiographer
I have lost contact with him

Room 5 (fluoroscopy/screening room)

The Radiology staff planted shady trees in the hospital 
compound. Today if you are standing in this position, 
you will be overlooking Nirwana Supermarket and 
other retail shoplots accross the road.

Tuan Hj Othman (Chief Radiographer) led the spring
cleaning with a few staff in the front compound of HUSM.
Kubang kerian Nursing College could be seen from afar

They were among the first group of 
staff in the radiology department

Hj Tarmizi and other staff captured the moment 
infront of the angiography machine (Room 6)


 Hj Tarmizi at the official inauguration ceremony
of the Hospital USM on August 26 1984

in the darkroom

Harsiah (x-ray film developer) and sarimah

From left to right:
harsiah, romlah, zaimah, sarimah and chik

Eh Nem, Che Lah, Sarimah and Chik

From left to right: romlah, sarimah, 
suhaimi, md yusof and harsiah

Chik and Harsiah (standing) posing in darkroom

sarimah and s/n che zaitun

Hj Ahmad Tarmizi,Chief X-Ray Film Developer

From left: rohani, sarimah, saadiah, 
alias and s/n noriah. they were very close 
to each others in their relationship


From left: suhaimi, tuan zakaria, 
dr zahari mahbar and sayuti 

Gracy and Amin on the way 
for portable x-ray

s/n wan khalijah and mrs rohani 

s/n wan khalijah and dr azian dato ab aziz

~Bukit Keluang Beach~
Sayuti with Mawardi and his friend  
we forged a friendship that spanned 30 years

Tuan Hj Othman (Chief R'pher) hold glass of water, 
graduated advanced certificate in radiography at the
Royal Sheffield Hospital in South Yorkshire, England

From left: sarimah, teoh hock eng, rosdi 
and Dr Mahayidin at sorting room

Mr Khalid Osman (3rd from left) 
joined  Radiology Dept in 1987

From left to right: 
pauzi, eh nem and amin

In the pantry - when smoking 
was allowed everywhere


1st one on the right was our 2nd HOD
Dr Zahary Mohd kassim - Radiologist

Gracy D/o Augustine (wear white coat). She  was 
very friendly,  helpful and excellent  radiographer.

   from left: samsudin, m.nor and sayuti
kneeling: zainal


A visit to Prince of Songklanagarind Hospital 
in 1989, the largest hosp. in South Thailand

We have a good and valuable visit to the Hospital. 

They greet us in a friendly way 
when we arrive at the place

at the mermaid statue, it is a prominent 
symbol and landmark of Songkhla.


ahmad, mawardi, dr farah and sayuti

Dr Azian Dato Ab Aziz, in dark dress 

Haji Muhammad Ab Rahman & wife, Matron Noriah 

Hj Muhammad Ab Rahman - Our 2nd Chief Radiographer
Graduated Advanced Certificate In Radiography at the
Royal Sheffield Hospital in South Yorkshire, England



Che Ku Fazilah's wedding day. 



Mr Nair, Dr Salma and Mr khalid

Mr Nair met Prof Shafie, HOD of 
Radiology - revisited the dept. 
since he retired in 1995




 Civil Service Labour day celebration
at Wawasan Hall in Jitra, Kedah
on May 1, 2014.

The retirement of s/n Jamilah Mohd Noor.

Nurses and PPKs of Radiology Department 
gathered to bid a farewell to s/n Jamilah.

Happy Retirement s/n Jamilah, We wish you good
health and happy days in your retirement.

The 3rd ECSNIR Conference 2014 - Kota Bharu, Kelantan 
on August 23rd & 24th, 2014.


Thursday, August 13 2015 - ‘Solat Hajat’ for the new Computed Tomography (CT Scanner) at Trauma Centre, Hospital USM.

The retirement of Pn Rohani Abdullah

Saturday, 28th November 2015, the official  opening of CT scanning facility  at the Trauma Center HUSM.


 Mr Khew and Mr Azahadi supervised the students
during the Industrial Training Programme.

Industrial training students - Syidah Mokhtar
Biha Ahmad & Waniey Kamaruzaman (UniSZA)

We visited harsiah and Salleh who will perform Hajj in Mecca on August 24, pilgrimage to Mecca is the fifth of the fundamental Muslim practices in islam.

 Harsiah & Salleh with Hj Muhamad & Matron Noriah
met after  more than 10 years not seeing each other

Harsiah poses for a photo with her colleagues

Hope both of you doing well, insyaAllah 
..could get haji mabrur.

Although we were in the separate
dept.... but we still keep in touch



We extend sincere congratulations to Matron Wan Zarinah
wishing you a happy, exciting and wonderful Retirement

Happy smiling on his last day before retiring. Wishing
 you a healthy, wealthy and happy retirement life.

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