Monday, February 19, 2018

Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Client!

Hi PACS users,

Please be informed that the new PACS system will Go Live on the 21st Feb 2018 at 00:00 AM. In order for you to use 
the new Zero Foot Print viewer, 
please follow below steps:

1. Launch internet browser. any browser, 

2. Key in URL Address:

3. Login with your usm Active Directory ID. 
You need to enter nfauriza only. no need to put 

4. Key in the current password 

You are now able to login to new Zero Foot Print viewer.

Please note the steps above only required for users with AD ID in domain 

Only Medical practitioners can log in to this application

If you still have any problems, please do not hesitate to email me


Nik Fauriza Nik Lah
PACS Administrator

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Inaugural Speech By Professor Wan Ahmad Kamil Wan Abdullah (MRI - Beyond Anatomy)

His interest in fMRI and MRS started when he got the chance to do his attachment at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia for two months under the sub-specialty MOU between USM and University of Sydney (USMUS). He decided to do a research in the field of MRI when a famous academician from University of Emori, USA told him, “Wan, almost all important aspects of diagnostic x-rays has been studied, but not MRI. There are so many new things you can do with MRI.”

Wan Ahmad Kamil began his career at School of Physics, USM Minden after completing his PhD at Royal Holloway College, University of London. The title of his doctorate thesis was Far Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of Binary Semiconductors. To reminisce his time as a Physics students at University of London, he cherishes the opportunity of attending a lecture about Elementary Particles Physics by a Nobel Laureate, Professor Murray Gell-Mann from Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). His excellence in the field of Physics and Physics Research has inspired Wan Ahmad Kamil to study Physics.
Prior to doing A-Level Program in Sunderland, he completed his secondary education at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahmad (STAR), Ipoh in 1976. Throughout his years there, he participated actively in sports such as athletics, volley ball, and rugby. While he was in the U15 team of the school’s rugby team, he and his teammates bagged the national champion title. His life as a student at STAR had instilled a lot of values in him especially when it comes to friendship.
Tok Kenali (1870-1933)

Born in 10th of February 1958 at Pondok Kenali, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. He was the last born of Allayarham Wan Abdullah and Hajjah Rahmah, 82. He is the great-grandson of Tok Kenali, a prominent ulama’ and the pioneer figure in the development of Islamic Education Studies in Southeast Asia. His sister, Wan Nasihah used to serve as an MRSM principal and his brother, Wan Nasihuddin is an engineer. 

Prof. Wan Ahmad Kamil has been blessed with 7 children namely, Dr. Wan Maryam (a Physics Lecturer at USM Pulau Pinang), Wan Muhammad (works in IT and based in England), Wan Musa (a businessman), Wan Sofiya (used to work for Nokia), Wan Sarah (currently doing medicine at University of Leicester), Wan Yusuf (recently completed his secondary education at MRSM Ulul Albab Kota Putra), and Wan Ilyas (a Form Five student at MRSM Ulul Albab Kota Putra).

His life as a student in London had given him memorable experiences that he can always cherish. He had made friends from all around the globe and they had opened up his mind about the beauty of diversity. He used to be the Secretary of Federation of Students Islamic Societies in UK and Ireland (FOSIS) and the Vice President of Malay Union of United Kingdom (KMUK). In 1981, he was chosen to represent the Muslim community in London for a dialogue whose panels comprised of Muslims, Jews, Protestant Christians, and Catholic Christians at a village near Danube River, Germany. The dialogue was fully sponsored by the Liberal Jewish Groups, London. During the dialogue, he was requested to call the Adhan for Friday Prayer in front of all the participants. From that day on, he began to understand that not all Jews support Zionism and the State of Israel.

Upon his return to Malaysia, he began his lecturing career at the School of Physics, USM. He was one of the first few lecturers who had been awarded with Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). Between 1987 and 1991, he had twice attended courses in Physics at International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. In 1994, he was awarded with a scholarship of European Community Marie Curie Postdoctoral International Cooperation Fellowship to study Infrared Spectroscopy of Multiple Quantum Wells in High Magnetic Fields with a group of researchers at University of Essex, England.

In 1997, he began his career as a lecturer at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, and Oncology. Two years later, he was transferred to the Department of Radiology, School of Medical Sciences. Even though he is not particularly interested in theatre, he used to be involved in two theatre performances. In the theatre performance of Jihad Putera Jeram organized by the National Department for Culture and Arts Kelantan (JKKN), he played the character of Tok Janggut and in the theatre performance of Tok Kenali, he played the character of Sultan Muhammad IV.

He likes to frequent a coffee shop in his village to offer advice and to encourage the villagers to go to HUSM for a checkup. For the past 18 years, he still holds the position as the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) of Maahad Ar-Rahmah Kenali, a school under the Kelantan Islamic Foundation (YIK) which was founded by his mother, Hajjah Rahmah.

At the national level, he is the President of Malaysian Association of Medical Physics for the past 12 years. He used to be a member of Nuclear Reactor Interest Group, a member of Lembaga Penawaran Kursus Akademik Universiti Malaysia Sabah,Universiti Malaysia Perlis, and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin. He is also a member of Industry Advisory Panel of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. As an academician, he has supervised PhD and MSc students and has published a number of publications. He is often chosen to be the pre-examiner of manuscripts for a number of journals. In addition, he is also a committee member of Malaysian Confederation of Allied Health Professional Associations. In 1988, he was invited by the then Dean and Vice Chancellor of UMS to teach Signal Processing course at UMS until 2006.

Apart from his participation at the national level, he is also active in the international arena. He was the National Representative in the field of Diagnostic Radiology at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which is located in Vienna, Austria.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Dean of School of Medical Sciences, Professor Dr. Shaiful Bahari Ismail and the Head of the Radiology Department, Professor Madya Dr. Mohd Shafie Abdullah were present. Before the inauguration speech by Professor Wan Ahmad Kamil Wan Abdullah, he and the audiences were presented with a silat performance as a mark of respect to his interest in the art form.

To end his speech, Professor Wan Ahmad Kamil Wan Abdullah recited a poem entitled 'Nazam'. During the poem recitation, his wife, Sharifah Fatimah Syed Zain went up on the stage with a bouquet of flowers for her husband with 'Dealova' by Once playing on the background. Together, they went down the stairs and left the hall for post-ceremony refreshments.

Professor Dr. Shaiful Bahari Ismail, Dean of the School of
Medical Sciences is giving a speech on the stage.

Sharifah Fatimah, the dear wife of Professor Wan Ahmad Kamil
presented a bouquet of flowers for her husband.

Professor Wan Ahmad Kamil and his ex-student,
Professor Dr. Zamzuri (Consultant Neurosurgeon)

I had the chance to capture the moment with the 
man of the ceremony before the ceremony started.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Congratulations Prof Sukari and Prof Ziyadi.

Heartiest congratulations to USM Health Campus director, Prof Dr Ahmad Sukari Halim and  USM cardiothoracic surgeon, Prof Dr Mohamad Ziyadi Ghazali being conferred the Darjah Kebesaran Setia Mahkota Kelantan Yang Amat Terbilang (DPSK) in conjunction with  the 48th birthday of the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, who is also the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. These award carries the title Dato'.

The Regent of Kelantan Dr Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra presented the state honours at the investiture ceremony at Istana Balai Besar this morning.

Prof Dr Ahmad Sukari Halim

Prof Dr Mohamad Ziyadi Ghazali

Congratulation for being awarded The State Honours ... and best wishes from us, staff of Radiology HUSM.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

CME PELESENAN JABATAN RADIOLOGI 2017: Radiography Imaging - Back To Basic

Radiographic imaging is the most common examination technique in radiology. Since it began to be used in medical field in early 1900s, radiographic imaging technology has evolved tremendously from the conventional screen-film to digital radiography. 

Toward the future, as all radiographic imaging are going digital, it requires radiation personnel to master the basic principles and technique of radiographic imaging, understand the challenges associated with the digital radiographic imaging as well as the characteristics of image quality.

In addition, radiation exposure and protection issues should also be given appropriate attention to minimize radiation risks to patients and radiation personnel. Therefore, this seminar will bring the participants back to the basics.

  • To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • To enhance the understanding of radiation protection to workers.
  • To improve the understanding of basic radiographic to medical practional and related paramedic.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Medical Imaging Services - Non Academic Staff

Our staff are the heart of our department. From radiologists, radiographers, nurses and etc... In the department, it divided into two categories, i.e. academic staff and non academic staff.
The academic staff (Radiologists and lecturers) is responsible for imparting education to the students , while the non academic staff from the entire group of staff such as radiographers, nurses, medical technicians, clerical, PPKs (Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan), receptionists & etc. Their duties depends on designation.
The academic staff in the department of Radiology are providing superb opportunities for training and education to the medical and MMed students and non academic are giving excellent and compassionate care to the patients.
Non academic staff of Department of Radiology, Hospital USM (HUSM) as below:


Dr Hamimi Salihah
Abdul Halim
Medical Officer (UD48)

Dr Hamimi Salihah is the only service medical officer in Radiology Department.
She works closely with the radiologists and performs other duties as below:
  • Undertake clinical responsibilities such as providing patient care, liaison with other units and referring hospitals.
  • Maintain appropriate records and confidentiality, including obtaining and documenting consent.
  • Maintain a high standard quality in department on a rotational basis.

     i) En Khalid Osman - Chief Radiographer U44.
  • The Chief Radiographer is to provide leadership and management of the Medical Imaging Department.
  • Responsible for the planning, development, supervision and coordination of all activities of the Medical Imaging service in its compliance with regulatory and legal requirements and for the selection and appointment of all Medical Imaging department staff.
  • The Chief Radiographer will perform an annual performance appraisal as well as ongoing performance management of all radiographers whom are under their supervision in order to be compliant with a radiographer’s annual performance development plan.

En. Khalid Osman
Chief Radiographer (U44)

ii) Nik Fauriza Nik Lah - Radiographer U36.
Responsible for operation of IT management in Radiology Department such as:
  • Image workflow. 
  • Archiving. 
  • Auto routine. 
  • Prefetching. 
  • Other related activities. 
Work closely with all modalities to ensure the timely and complete capture of DICOM digital image data into the PACS system as well as network transmission, RIS validation and handling of all exceptions.

iii) Ariffin Jaffar - Radiographer U36.
Provides radiology services by directing and coordinating staff as below:
  • Human resource / manpower planning.
  • Selection and placement of personnel.
  • Training and development of employees.
  • Appraisal of performance of employees.
  • Remuneration of employees.
  • Adhering to departmental policies and procedures and revise as needed.
  • Developing and maintaining motivation for workers through incentives.
**Poor human resources management can have a negative effect on workplace productivity, could result in an unproductive and inefficient workplace.

En. Nik Fauriza Nik Lah
Radiographer (U36)
En. Arifin Haji Jaffar
Radiographer (U36)

Radiographer Duties And Responsibilities.
  • Radiographers use x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a computed tomography (CT scan) and Interventional Radiology to evaluate patients and help assess and diagnose injuries and illnesses.
  • Radiographer are generally responsible for preparing and safely positioning patients in order to get the most accurate images.
  • Undertake radiographic / imaging examinations as required in general wards, emergency department, operation theatres, mobiles and also in specialised areas (Interventional radiology)
  • Maintain a high standard of Radiography Imaging in all modalities.
  • Take part in “on-call” and sessional duties out of hours, on a rotational basis as scheduled.

En. Mohd Nordin 
Mohd Nor
Radiographer (U32)
En. Khew Kuan Kooi
Radiographer (U32)
En. Azahadi Mamat
Radiographer (U32)

Pn. Norfataha
Mohd Daud
Radiographer (U32)
Pn. Che Ku Fazilah Che Ku Abdullah
Radiographer (U32)
Pn. Siti Salwa 
Radiographer (U32)

Tn.Sayed Mohd Nasir Sd Hassan

Pn.Wan Shashila Eliana w. Shafie
Radiographer (U32)

En. Mohd Sabri Mat Johari
Radiographer (U32)

Pn. Siti Afidah Hamat
Radiographer (U32)
Pn. Aslinda Ibrahim
Radiographer (U32)
En. Affandi Abdullah
Radiographer (U32)

En. Firdaus Daud 
Radiographer ( U32)
Pn. Nurul Syafini 
Mohd Khairuddin 
Radiographer U29
Pn. Norida Ahmad
Radiographer U32 

Cik Hajar 
Radiographer U29
En. Mohd Shazreel 
Rizal Shukri 
Radiographer U29
Cik Che Rohaida 
Che Mohd 
Radiographer U29

En. Ooi Kiean Lim 
Radiographer U29
En. Khirul Azmi Abdul Kadir 
Radiographer U29
En. Ahmad Fakharuddin 
Radiographer U29

Pn. Che Munirah 
Che Abdullah 
Radiographer U29
En. Zulkifli Ruslan Mohamed Ameri 
Radiographer U29
En. Mohd Haidy Shuib 
Radiographer U29

Pn. Rasyidah Abdullah 
Radiographer U29
Pn. Diana Asyikin 
Mat Daud
Radiographer U29
Pn. Najad Hadi 
Radiographer U29

En. Muhd Shazwan
Radiographer U29
En. Muhammad Iqbal Mohamad Nor
Radiographer U29
En. Muhd Hisyam Zulkefli 
Radiographer U29

Pn. Nur Hidayah Yahya Anuar 
Radiographer U29
Pn. Nur Azuani Mohamed Adenan
Radiographer U29
Pn. Nurul Asyikin Razmi 
Radiographer U29

En. Norzulfikri Yahaya 
Radiographer U29
En. Mohd Arif 
Radiographer U29
En. Mohd Zulzaini Musa 
Radiographer U29

Cik Nur Atikah
Radiographer U29
Pn. Noor Syarida Ayu 
Mohamed Sukeri 
Radiographer U29
Pn. Nur Fazliza
Radiographer U29

En. Abdul All Hanif Mamat
Radiographer U29
Pn. Wan Nazyrah 
Abdul Halim
Radiographer U29
Cik Tasnim Mockter
Radiographer U29

Pn. Siti Zaharah Sulaiman
Radiographer U29
Pn. Farah Raihan Mohamed Naim
Radiographer U29

The Staff Nurse in Radiology Department will be required to work and perform duties as assigned in Radiology department. Duties And responsibilities as below:
  • Radiology nurses have a working knowledge of radiation safety as well as all aspects of occupational health and safety and infection control.
  • Radiology nurses focus on caring for patients in need of radiology procedures, this includes special diagnostic imaging procedures such as MRI and CT scans.
  • Specialize in diagnostic radiology, from basic x-rays to complex MRIs, CT Scans and for Interventional Radiology that require the administration of contrast medium. 
  • Radiology nurses work to support a radiologist’s diagnostic plan while accounting for patient care, comfort, and well-being. 
  • Radiology nurses will also help patients better understand the procedures they need. They will often explain the necessary procedures for instance,  answer any questions or address any concerns that patients may have. 
  • As a radiology nurse, it will also usually be their responsibility to give patients instructions on what to do or not to do before a procedure and monitor patient recovery and discharge after the procedure.

Sr. Zainani Seman
Chief Nurse (U32)

SN. Wan Khalijah
Retired on 01 February 2017
SN. Nura 
Nurse U32
SN. Norseriyah 
Nurse U32

SN. Roslaini
Che Romli
Nurse U32 
SN. Nik Jahlaiwati
Nurse U32
SN. Siti Asmat
Abdul Ghani
Nurse U32

SN. Raja Roslizah
Raja Sulaiman
Nurse U32 
SN. Nor Azila
Ab. Rahim
Nurse U32
SN. Nik Hasniza
Nik Ibrahim
Nurse U29

SN. Mahfuzah
Abdul Malek
Nurse U29 
SN. Humairah
Kamal Hamidi
Nurse U29

Be a member of a Quality Assurance Team (Radiology HUSM) that regularly checks the safe and accurate operation of the equipment we use, led by Mr. Nik Kamarullah Ya Ali (Medical Physicist). 
Sets up VIARAD4 on all users’ computer and create account and update user account information.

En. Muhd Sayuti Deris
Medical Technician U24
En. Amin Abdul Wahab
Medical Technician U24

Pembantu Tadbir perform a variety of clerical tasks, typing documents, filing records and also include the operation of sophisticated computer systems, printers, copiers and other technologies.

At the counter, Pembantu Am Pejabat know how to handle patients, doctors, nurses, and as well as following hospital policies and procedures.

As a member of the reception counter, the team will greet you when you arrive at one of our reception areas. They will check that all your details are correct, before booking you onto our computer system. Our reception team books appointments and provide a support service for our medical staff and management team.

Pn. Siti Yazmin
Pembantu Tadbir
En. Pauzi
Abdul Rahman
Retired on 
01 June 2017
Pn. Nik Halizon
Nik Mohamed
Pembantu Tadbir 

En. Noor Azmizam 
Ab Rahman
Pembantu  Am Pejabat 
En. Azmi 
Pembantu Am Pejabat 
En. Amaludin 
Mohd Zain
Pembantu Am Pejabat 

Pn. Cik Norhayati
Zainal Abidin
Pembantu  Am Pejabat 
Pn. Norsuriani 
Mohd Rasid
Pembantu  Am Pejabat 

Pn. Che Nor Azlinda
Che Mohd Noor
Pembantu  Am Pejabat
Pn. Wan Suzilawati
Mohd Saufi
Pembantu  Am Pejabat 

The role of a PPKs is to facilitate the smooth running of patients attending the x-ray depatments. They may get you ready for your examination, for example getting the patients changed into a gown before examination.

En. Mohd Nasir Long (PPK U11) has being assigned to supervise PPKs’ staff and monitoring their work process at Radiologi Department.

En. Mohd Nasir Long
Supervision for PPKs 

En. Mohamad 
Pn. Azizah 
Pn. Salmah 

En. Abdul Rahim
En. Mohd Yusof
En. Mohd Sauti

Hjh. Rokiah Yaman
Pn. Shasiah Ghazali
Pn. Nik Fauziah Muhd
Pn. Norsuziana
Che Lah
En. Halman
Mat Hussain
Pn. Siti Fazura
Mohd Samsudin

En. Zulkifli Sulaiman
En. Romdan 
En. Mohd Zuhairuddin Ahmad Nu’man.

Pn. Rohani
Pn. Siti Nur Anis