Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 6, 2017: Our Industrial Training At Radiology Dept, HUSM

All students from any public or private Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA / IPTS) are required to undergo industrial training at least for a duration of 20 weeks, either in the private sector or government sector. These requirement to fulfill all the industrial training requirements before they allowed to graduate. 
The placement of students for industrial training for this session (January to June 2017) at Department of Radiology, HUSM as below:
  1.            Seven students from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
  2.            Four students from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
A group photo with Mr. Khew, Senior Radiographer after his 
briefing ‘Introduction of Ionising and Non Ionising Radiation’

Eleven of us were divided into five groups

Checking the equipment availability in the DEXA Room 

We just completed the task

The entire task list for the week 
are partially complete

We, students from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), are doing industrial training for 5 months from February to June at Radiology Department HUSM.

Today 6/3/2017 @ 11.30am, we did some checking of equipment availability (26 items) and its status in the Bone Densitometry Room with En. Sayuti. It took us around 40 minutes to check the equipments available by the series number of all equipments in the room.

Thanks to En. Sayuti for giving us a chance to know all about equipments used in DEXA Room.

1. Asmat Bt Zahariman-UMK
2. Faten Syahirah Bt Yusri-USIM
3. Farah Hazwani Makhtar-USIM

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A message to Malaysian from Pn Sofinee, Co-founder 'Kitchen In Calais'

Dear Malaysian,

I believed each of us that wear hijab will have quiet a number of hijab. Giving one away, I think will not harm anything..

Imagine if I have 200 Malaysian that wear hijab in my friend list. Each of us giving away one. That will help 200 people in need.

How much reward you will have by just giving away only one hijab to people in need? Their doa to you, will one day help us even just in this duniya when we face difficulty.

It's not hard. It'a not difficult for only one hijab, or one abaya, or one maxi, or one blouse, or one jubah.

We live in such a comfort life. We can never imagine how people have to wear same one not just for days, but weeks and months..

Pause and reflect...IS THAT REALLY HARD TO RESPOND?....Ask ourselves...


Mrs. Sofinee Harun 
(Kitchen In Calais)

Their initiative began with one caravan in 2015 serving 100 refugees each day, has now grown into a compound with volunteers working to keep the kitchen running. They actually planned to stay less than a week, but almost a year later, they were still there, helping refugees through their initiative called Kitchen in Calais.

Mr. Jamalullail and her wife, Mrs. Sofinee

Kitchen In Calais was set up by Mr. Jamalullail and wife, Mrs. Sofinee which now been join effort by many people with donation.



In solidarity with the Syria refugees, a talk on refugees organised by Jabatan Radiologi will be held at Dewan Auditorium Jabatan Kecemasan, HUSM on 23 Feb 2017. It’s all about all their experiences of volunteering at the refugee camps in Calais, France. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

USM, Nagoya City Board Of Education Sign MoU On Education

From left, Prof. Dr. Rahman, Prof. Datok Dr. Asma Ismail, Mr. Masami Sugisaki,
Mr. Takahiro Kukita during the exchange of  a Memorandum Of Understanding. 

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Nagoya City Board of Education today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation in the education field.

USM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Asma Ismail said the MoU signing testified the commitment of both organisations in providing better opportunities to USM students and staff members with the inniatives taken to complement its educational excellence.

"This collaborative arrangement with the Nagoya City Board of Education is aimed at enhancing the research content and to explore opportunities to develop, support and enrich those educational activities," she said at the signing ceremony at USM, here, today.....

Source: Bernama on 24th January 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Retirement To S/N Wan Khalijah On 30 January 2017.

You have been a dedicated and a caring nurse and your work has always been of great praiseworthy. 

I send all my support for you as you retire and wish you a bright future ahead.



On behalf of all the Radiology staff, we would like to thank to S/N Wan Khalijah for your contribution to the HUSM for the past 31 years. 
We will always remember you... and we wish you a happy retirement.

Prof Madya Dr Mohd Shafie Abdullah On Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV1 - 9 Jan 2017.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Photos From 2016 Retirement Celebrations (PPKs of HUSM)

Image result for happy retirement

Happy retirement to Mohd Nor, Romlah, Kasmadiah (former radiology staff), Mek, Mahani, Maznah, Wan Rokiah & Rokeman, Kamazelan and Zakaria. Hoping you all a good health, good luck and great success in your retirement.These friendly party...hopefully its will create lasting and happy memories for the retiring employee:

Retirement is the day when you finally stop working and start your living. Here..I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best on this special day and good luck for the future....and thank you for everything you've done for HUSM.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

The main difference between http:// and https:// is  all about keeping you secure. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. 
The S stands for "Secure"..  

The main differences between HTTP and HTTPS as below:

          HTTP                                                               HTTPS
-URL begins with “http://”                          -URL begins with “https://”
-It uses port 80 for communication              -It uses port 443 for communication
-Unsecured                                                -Secured
-Operates at Application Layer                     -Operates at Transport Layer
-No encryption                                           -Encryption is present
-No certificates required                              -Certificates required

If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser, it is likely begin with the following: http://.

This  means that the website is talking to your  browser using the regular unsecured language.  In other words, it is possible for someone to  "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with  the Website. If you fill out a form on the  website, someone might see the information you send to that site.

This is why you never ever enter your credit card  number in an http website... 
but if the web address begins with https://, that means your computer is talking to the website in a Secure code that no one can eavesdrop on. You understand why this is so important, right?

If  a website ever asks you to enter your Credit/Debit card Information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with https://.

If  it doesn't,  You should NEVER enter sensitive information....such as a credit/debit card  number.