Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Donate Blood - give hope, save a life.

Did you know that every seconds someone in our hospital needs blood? 

This might be someone in:-

  • a car accident, 
  • a child with cancer or 
  • a person undergoing surgery. 

You can save a life and it only takes half an hour of your time. Your lifesaving donations help ensure that the blood supply will be there for all who need it, and when they need it. 

Blood donors get the satisfaction of knowing they've helped to provide hope and life to a patient. 

Blood supplies are in constant shortage, yet the need for blood continues to grow. 

If you haven’t already......

We encourage you to donate blood on a regular Program Derma Darah (Warga kampus 2014) at our hospital – HUSM.

'Blood donation is a fast and an easy way
to help others' - Md Azeem, 
UiTM Student
Thank you for being a blood donor.

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