Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aidilfitri Celebration At Jabatan Radiologi HUSM 2015

We are already half way through the month of Syawal, but the excitement of aidilfitri can still be felt up until today. On last 13th of Syawal 1436H which fell on July 30th 2015, the Radiology Department (HUSM) had the opportunity to organize an aidilfitri celebration which took place extravagantly.


The 3-hour celebration was organized by Kelab Kebajikan Mesra Ibadah (KKMI), Jabatan Radiologi. It was a closed event and there were approximately 100 guests ranging from the staff of different positions as well as the industrial trainees. The main objective of the celebration was to strengthen the bond between the staff and also the trainees.
There were a great variety of foods served on that day and they were all appetizing and scrumptious. The most popular meal on that day was grilled lamb which was given by Dr Tarmizi. Some of the other menus served were cakes, biscuits, laksa, noodles, nasi dagang, and different varieties of desserts.

But fate ordains that dearest friends must part’. The atmosphere of the event turned somber when S/N Nor Aeni was called upon to give her farewell speech. She will be transferred to Nuclear Department on August 2015, she was invited to this event so that we could bid a proper farewell to her. 
We, from the Radiology Department would like to express our greatest appreciation for her service in our department for 15 years starting from 2000. Her service and contribution will never be forgotten.

By 4PM, the event ended. Many thanks to those who had put a lot of hard work into making this happened and not to forget to everybody who came and made the event a memorable one. We really hope that the event was blessed by Allah S.W.T. and hopefully we would be rewarded with a long life and good health so that it would be possible for us to organize it again next Syawal.

In this very post, we would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to Azahadi, Farah, Sarimah Mat Jusoh (PPK), Amin Abd Wahab, Zulkifli Tok Bomo and many others who were involved in the preparation and decoration of the event. 
Even though it was only a small-scale event but it was really happening. It would not have been so without the commitment and hard work of those people involved who did an amazing job in bringing the aidilfitri atmosphere into the event. Although they were working really hard throughout the event to ensure that it would go smoothly, they still managed to appear cheerful and friendly.

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