Friday, January 15, 2016

Kelab Amal Radiologi (KAR)

Who we are
We are the staffs of The Department of Radiology, Hospital USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. The staffs include radiologists, medical officers, radiographers, staff nurses, technicians, and all the other assistance staff. It is led by Dr Salmah since 2007.

Dr. Win Mar @ Salmah

Our aims
v  To do a little of charity work by sparing our time a little bit. Our chosen charity is Disability.
v  To contribute what we can for the less fortunate. The donations that are collected will be used to help them.

How we do
We collect cash from our staff before the month of Ramadhan. We contact YOKUK staff to arrange for donation. YOKUK stands for Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan or Kelantan Foundation For The Disabled, is a charitable foundation established to ease the burden of people with disabilities and to give them a meaningful life. Our contribution is a necessity to sustain their existence. Every donation, no matter how small goes towards improving the quality of life for them.

On every Thursdays of the Ramadhan we arrange for our charity work. In the morning, at about 11.30am, some of us buy food items like rice, oil, biscuit, sugar, dates, juices, and sardine and pack them in our cars (radiologists or other staff’s cars). We contribute grocery items cost RM120.00 each to 40 families during the month of Ramadhan every year.

We are doing charity work to disabled persons.They live with their siblings and and parents.  Most of them don't have permanent income to earn living.
We all have our main responsibilities as hospital staffs. We try our best to do this work without disturbing our duties and responsibilities as public servants. The disabled families we used to go are the ones who registered with YOKUK.

At about 12. 30pm we all go to YOKUK office from where they send to the houses in 2 groups. Actually, the houses are already allocated by YOKUK staffs to use the time effectively. They provide 2 vans and 2 drivers to send us. They tried to choose around Kota Bharu area.

One group in one van could able to go for 5 houses. This is limited by time. We need to go back and reach HUSM around 4.30 to 5.00 pm since we need to prepare the food to break the fast together with our family.  

We choose to go on Thursday since this day is normally receiving the least numbers of patients, more so in the Ramadhan. All the staffs who want to follow have given their names and their chosen day in advance. In the morning of the day, they have to try their best to finish their responsibilities. They have to inform their respective group for their trip in afternoon. If some work was unable to finish in time, they may ask their colleague to continue or they may cancel the trip.

~ Together we can make a difference in the lives of others ~


For more information, please visit YOKUK website:

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