Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staff Nurse (Radiology)

Radiology nurse is a enrolled nurse who provides care to patients attending the radiology department . Radiology nurses care for patients undergoing diagnostic radiology imaging and treatments. Many of them have worked within radiology for many years, and have therefore built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. The more experienced nurses have been able to support to the newer nurses and provide the main support for student nurses on placement in the department.

Nurses working in a radiological department are responsible for providing specialized nursing treatment to patients living with acute and chronic conditions. Nurses may specialize in a variety of areas within the radiological department, including computer tomography (CT), magnetic imaging resonance (MRI), Mammography, Angiography, Fluoroscopy and ultrasound.

Radiology nurses also are responsible for educating patients about techniques and procedures. Patients may want to know whether a procedure is going to hurt, have side effects or cause any distress. Nurses give patients a step-by-step guide on what they can expect during the procedure and how it can affect their diagnosis and treatment. Family members may also have questions on procedures nurses can answer.

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