Sunday, July 15, 2012

X-Ray Film Developer.

Working under supervision Chief X-Ray Film Developer, resposible for developing x-ray films, operating, monitoring and maintaining the film processing equipment used in radiology department.

Haji Tarmizi Mohamad
Chief X-Ray Film Developer

Knowledge in x-ray film processing procedures such as:-

  • Using developing and fixing chemicals in automatic processing equipment.
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance methods.
  • Appropriate safety precautions associated with processing equipment and       chemical.
  • Quality control issues as they relate to x-ray film processing.

Automatic film processor

Essential functions:-

  1. Sets up and operates equipment to process x-ray film by removes exposed films from cassetes and places films in automatic processors then cleans and reloads cassettes.
  2. Maintain proper operating parameters of the processing equipment by cleaning processors on daily basic, washing the rollers,changing the water flow in the tank then calibrates processors as nesessary.
  3. Checks processor and reports malfuntions in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  4. Maintain and operates silver recovery units.
  5. Mixes and maintains proper developer and fixer replinisher levels.
  6. Maintains darkroom work areas in a clean and orderly manner.
  7. Maintain inventory of x-ray film.

Other Functions:-
  • Registered the patients and assist onto examination table.
  • Makes copies of x-ray films as ordered by the Radiologist for learning and teaching purposes.
  • Assists the filing and tracing x-ray films/reports.
Since the using of fully PACS system, all x-ray film developers were promoted to the office management.

Yahya and Mawardi in the darkroom

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