Monday, August 13, 2012

5S program can build a culture of tidiness in HUSM

Japanese are known for being the diligent and disciplined people on earth. One of their standards for keeping their values is the 5S. 5S stands for first alphabet of the following Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.

1. Sort - Seiri
Separate required items from unwanted items.
All unneeded tools, parts and supplies are removed from the area.
Keep only what is immediately required at the work place.

2. Set in Order - Seiton
A Place for everything & everything should be in its place - be sure everything is restored to its place after used.
Place for each item should be clearly labeled and easily accessible.
Items should be arranged in a good order that promotes efficient work flow.

3. Shine - Seiso
Clean everything around working area until it shines.
Removed the unnecessary items and put all remaining items in their place, your work area will be clear enough to clean properly and quickly.
Keep all equipment from getting dirty or damaged, this might include painting or making minor repairs. Take time not only to clean the work area on the day, but make the work area easier to maintain in the future.
Maintaining cleanliness should be part of the daily work.

4. Standardize - Seiketsu
Maintain the first 3S (sort, set in order, shine).
Work practices should be consistent and standardized. Ensure all workers understand their responsibilities and are empowered to perform all of the tasks.
Everything should be done the same way by every individual in the organisation. This helps to track progress and will help to find better ways to handle the system and limit the wastes of business.

5. Sustain - Shitsuke
The more we do 5S the better the work environment becomes: cleaner, safer, more organized, the work is easier, less confusion and less stress.
Simple visual reminders around the workplace can help keep team members mindful of the importance of 5S.
Regular 5S internal audits, where work areas are inspected for conformance to the principles of 5S, are powerful in keeping everyone on track.
So clean up and organize your work area every day so that each new day is easier and safer than the day before.

The photos of our staff (Fataha, Che Munirah, Wawa, Suriani, Suzie, Wan Nazyrah, Aslinda and Dr Hadif) implemented the element of 'Seiso' (cleanliness).

We appreciated their effort and
commitment to the department

Dr Hadif sorting out the wanted
and unwanted items - 'Seiri'

Wan Nazyrah and Aslinda pose for a picture
while taking a short break from our 5S task

What you've to do is understands, obeys and practices the rules in the work place. 5S program is a simple but effective method to organize and maintain the work place activity. The only thing that causes failure in the 5S program is the lack to continue the 5S program. If the program is continued, the wastes of business will decrease and the business will become more lean.

We worked together to
clean up our department

All staff should work together - should be there hand in hand. Every one should work as part of a TEAM
Thumbs up for all radiology staff for your good cooperation and being so positive.

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