Saturday, August 5, 2017

CME PELESENAN JABATAN RADIOLOGI 2017: Radiography Imaging - Back To Basic

Radiographic imaging is the most common examination technique in radiology. Since it began to be used in medical field in early 1900s, radiographic imaging technology has evolved tremendously from the conventional screen-film to digital radiography. 

Toward the future, as all radiographic imaging are going digital, it requires radiation personnel to master the basic principles and technique of radiographic imaging, understand the challenges associated with the digital radiographic imaging as well as the characteristics of image quality.

In addition, radiation exposure and protection issues should also be given appropriate attention to minimize radiation risks to patients and radiation personnel. Therefore, this seminar will bring the participants back to the basics.

  • To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • To enhance the understanding of radiation protection to workers.
  • To improve the understanding of basic radiographic to medical practional and related paramedic.

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