Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Basic Things You Need To Know...

Here are a few things that you need to know if you are interested in exploring the field of radiography

Film badge

People who work with radiation must wear film badges. The film badge is used to measure and record radiation exposure.
All film badges are to be exchanged monthly. It is imperative that this exchange be made promptly at the end of the month to facilitate the legal responsibility to maintain current and accurate radiation dosimetry records.

Film Badge

Film badges cannot function properly unless they are positioned correctly. Incorrect placement can cause negative or inaccurate readings, which compromise safety. One of the most common placements is between the head and the waist. This position lets the badge detect radiation in the largest areas of the body.

Lead Apron

A protective shield of lead and rubber that may be worn by a patient, radiographer or radiologist, or both during exposure to x-rays or other diagnostic radiation. It is intended to guard against excessive exposure of the reproductive and other vital body organs to ionizing radiation.
Lead Apron

Film Digitizer
A device that allows scanning of existing static images so that the images can be stored, manipulated, or transmitted in digital form.
Film Digitizer

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